EGMONT - The Royal Institute for International Relations


Director General: Johan Verbeke

EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Sven Biscop

General Statement
EGMONT Institute is an independent think-tank based in Brussels that provides analysis and suggests international policy options. The Institute offers an ideal forum to visiting Heads of State, Heads of government, representatives of international organisations, foreign ministers and other political figures. Conferences, colloquia and seminars nurture the work of the research fellows. They also give participants the opportunity to exchange views with other specialists and with a well-informed public. EGMONT has 3 research programmes: Europe in the World-Programme, European Affairs Programme and the Africa Programme. EGMONT has also developed specialised training activities, both in Brussels and abroad. Closer collaboration with other research centres, both in Belgium and in the rest of Europe and beyond, has resulted in a growing number of joint conferences and in more structured cooperation on research and publications.


Areas of work
The Institute is a forum of ideas and opinions on international politics and plays the role of interface between the diplomatic world and the civil society in Brussels. This happens through conferences, seminars and debates. These activities focus on its members as well as on invited experts.


Objective of the Euromed / Middle East programme
The Europe in the World Programme has a long-term research axis focusing on European strategy, seeking to develop recommendations stimulating the implementation of a preventive, holistic and multilateral grand strategy which includes the hard security dimension. The Mediterranean is one of the priority areas within this strategy. Egmont’s main added value thus lies in the security and defence dimension of Euro-Med relations.


Membership to other networks
- Observatoire de l'Afrique
- Europe-Africa Policy Research Network - EARN
- Expertise for Central Africa - E-CA — CRE-AC.

Practical information
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