TEPSA - Trans-European Policy Studies Association

Secretary General: Jaap de Zwaan

EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Gunilla Herolf

General Statement

TEPSA is an independent organisation, established in 1974 at the initiative of a number of European institutes and aiming at the promotion of international research on European integration in order to stimulate discussion on policies and political options for Europe. TEPSA links affiliated national institutes from all Union member states and has associated members in the candidate countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
The aim of TEPSA is to study European public policy in the interests of the European public / citizens


Areas of work
The purpose of TEPSA is to study or to organise research on problems relating to the development of European integration, based on human rights and democracy, propose solutions and to promote their taking into consideration by institutions, both private and public, at national or Community level, and to diffuse the results of its work.
The association pursues this by:
• Organisation of workshops, conferences etc,
• Organisation of training sessions and seminars about key issues of the European policy.
• Coordination of research, advices and briefings made by TEPSA’s member institutes for the European institutions and policy makers
• Contacts with organisations and institutes active in or close associated with the elaboration of the European politics or its study
• Cooperation with transeuropean research projects
And any other activity directly or indirectly useful to the achievement of its main purpose


Objective of the Euromed / Middle East programme

TEPSA has 25 ordinary members and 7 associate members, most of which deal with Euromed/Middle East issues. TEPSA itself brings up these issues at conferences and in publications and then has the advantage of drawing on a vast area of expertise at its member institutes.

Membership to other networks
The Marie Curie Initial Training Network EXACT
Erasmus Academic Network - LISBOAN

Practical information
11 rue d´Egmont
Website: www.tepsa.eu
Phone: +32 2 511 34 70

If you would like to contact the focal point of this institute, please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it