TAPRI - Tampere Peace Research Institute



Director: Tarja Vayrynen


EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Tuomo Melasuo

General Statement
Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI), founded in 1970, is a multidisciplinary and international research centre, whose mission is to conduct high quality research on the causes of war, non-violent resolution of conflicts, and conditions for peace. In line with the present research programme the focus of research is on peaceful change, to which all projects are related.
TAPRI research is open and its results are published on international and national academic forums, including the Institute’s own publication series in accordance with TAPRI’s national mandate. TAPRI research has from the beginning been based on extensive international co-operation and networking.
In early summer 2011 there are three main projects  in TAPRI:
• Towards Post-Western Europe: Challenges From South-Eastern Margin
• Security and Development Research within the Wider Europe Initiative (WEI) Security Cluster
• TAPRI Mediterranean Studies Project

TAPRI Mediterranean Studies Project
For the last two and half decades TAPRI has put emphasis on the analysis of the specificity and importance of the Mediterranean area. Priority is given to Euro-Mediterranean relations and to international security issues. However, the ‘longue durée’ developments, the evolution of different cultural spheres, and socio-economic development around the Mediterranean and in the Middle East are also taken into consideration. Keeping this diversity in mind the TAPRI Mediterranean Studies Project investigates the possibilities of creating a basis for strengthening mutual and reciprocal confidence. Participation in different Euro-Mediterranean networks is an important part of project's international activities.
TAPRI is aiming to reach these goals through scientific research, the training of the young scholars, and the organisation of different scientific and civil society event.

Areas of work
International and Euromed relations, dialogue between cultures, socio-economic evolution in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East.
TAPRI works also on international relation, conflicts and mediation in Europe, in the Arctic area and also more globally.

Objectives of the Euromed/Middle East programme(s)
Better knowledge and understanding of main features in the area. TAPRI is one of the leading research centres in this area in the North of Europe, with important impact on different official and NGO actors.


Membership to other networks
- Euromed Civil Forum
- Forum Euroméditerranéen des Isntituts des Sciences Économiques - FEMISE
- Forum Euroméditerranéen des Cultures - FEMEC
- Stratégie Développement Méditerranée - Strademed
- Société Internationale des Historiens de la Méditerranée - Sihmed
- Head of the Finnish National Network. Anna Lindh Foundation - ALF
- Carta Mediterranea
- Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network - EMHRN
- Mediterranean Universities Union - Unimed

Practical information
University of Tampere (Tampere, Finland)
Phone: +358 3 3551 7696

Website: http://www.uta.fi/yky/tutkimus/tapri/index.html




If you would like to contact the focal point of this institute, please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .