INSS - Institute for National Security Studies



Executive Director: Amos Yadlin


EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Benedetta Berti

General Statement

The Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) is an independent academic institute that studies key issues relating to Israel's national security and Middle East affairs. Through its mixture of researchers with backgrounds in academia, the military, government, and public policy, INSS is able to contribute to the public debate and governmental deliberation of leading strategic issues and offer policy analysis and recommendations to decision makers and public leaders, policy analysts, and theoreticians, both in Israel and abroad. As part of its mission, it is committed to encourage new ways of thinking and expand the traditional contours of establishment analysis.

Conceiving of security studies as a dynamic interdisciplinary field that involves military, intellectual, economic, and social resources, the Institute strives to reflect that diversity and complexity through research and policy recommendations of the highest standard. Complementing the traditional areas of defence, security doctrine, and politics, INSS has expanded its focus to include the “softer” components of national security, such as domestic trends and social processes.


Areas of work

Arms Control & Regional Security, Military and Strategic Affairs, Israel Society & Public Opinion, Israel-Palestinian Relations, Middle East.


Activities and publications

INSS initiates and conducts research in the multiplicity of fields that comprise security studies and impact on strategic issues. Emphasis is placed on those issues relevant to Israeli national security. It publishes the results of its research as books, journal articles, special reports, and memoranda; these publications appear in Hebrew and/or in English.


The books written by INSS associates are published by leading university presses and commercial publishers. The INSS quarterly, Strategic Assessment, is published in English and Hebrew. Memoranda are monographs on timely issues with policy relevant implications. INSS Insight and INSS Policy Brief are distributed as e-publications. With the exception of the books, all INSS publications are posted on the INSS website.


The Institute convenes Conferences & Seminars on various themes and subjects of its interdisciplinary interest; International conferences organized by INSS bring both Israeli and foreign scholars to assess issues that involve aspects of current strategic affairs.



Practical information

Institute for National Security Studies

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