ISPI - Italian Institute for International Political Studies


Executive Vice President and Director: Paolo Magri

EuroMeSCo “liaison officer”: Valeria Talbot

General Statement
Founded in 1934, ISPI is one of the oldest and most prestigious international relations institutes in Italy.
ISPI’s scientific output has always been distinguished by a sound pragmatic approach, based on monitoring the various geo-political areas and interpreting the major trends in progress on the global scene, so as to provide political and economic operators with reliable information and guidance. Its interdisciplinary nature is guaranteed by the close collaboration of specialists in economics, politics, law, history and strategic studies (from both academic and non-academic circles) and by partnerships with prestigious institutions and research centres all over the world.
The Institute’s activities branch out in four major directions: research, publications, career training and organization of events in order to stimulates debate on current affairs in the global scenario.
In particular, ISPI has become the institute that makes the biggest contribution in Italy to forming tomorrow’s diplomats as well as young people wishing to work in international organizations.

Areas of work
• Research Programs: Africa, Caucasus and Central Asia, Europe, Mediterranean and Middle East, Russia and Eastern Neighbours, Security and Strategic Studies.
• Research projects: South Asia and Iran, China and East Asia, Human rights.
• ISPI school: masters (Diplomacy and International Cooperation), advanced diplomas, diplomas, winter and summer schools.

Objectives of the Euromed/Middle East programme(s)
The Mediterranean and Middle East programme of ISPI aims at fostering reflection and debate on Mediterranean affairs and at being a cooperation promoter.
Particular expertise: Euro-Mediterranean Relations, North Africa and Middle East countries, Gulf Cooperation Council, Turkey.

Publications and activities
• Publications: A series of ISPI dossiers and analysis on the revolts in the Mediterranean, in particular on the Libya’s crisis, and the Arab Spring.
• Activities: Med Business, a training project for high representatives of Italian business community; a Conference on Turkey in the Mediterranean turmoil; a series of round tables and instant events on the Arab Spring.

Membership to other networks
- Green FP7 Project
- European Economic Governance Monitor - EEGM
- Network italiano formazione peace-keeping ed emergenze - NIFOPE

Practical information
Palazzo Clerici
Via Clerici, 5 – 20121 Milan – Italy
Phone: +39 02 8633131/863313206
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