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Director General and EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Hani Hourani


General Statement
Al-Urdun Al-Jadid (New Jordan) Research Center (UJRC) was established in 1990 as an independent pioneering think tank in civil society, democratic advocacy, human rights, and socio-economic development.
• UJRC pursues this through conducting scientific research, managing dialogue and discussions, organising workshops and conferences, and exchanging expertise with regional and international institutions.
• UJRC was formed in 1990 as an extension to the periodical "The New Jordan Magazine" which was in print from 1984 till 1990. The center was officially launched in 1993, and was licensed by the Ministry of Information, Department of Press and Publications, in conform with Law No. 10 of 1993.
• As the center enters its third decade amidst the unfolding events of the 2011 Arab Spring, the Center’s work is more urgent than ever. The UJRC supports the new wave of social movements demanding comprehensive political change, social justice, human dignity and transparency in politics, the economy, and society in Jordan and the Arab world.
• As a two decade-old leader in civil society empowerment, human rights and democratic development, the Center seeks to expand its role in and its support of civil society development in Jordan. The vision for Center is to promote democratic pluralistic society, as determined by the principles of good governance and civic participation by all Jordanians. With this vision in mind, the Center seeks to implement its goals through concrete action, including the promotion of participation by individuals, organizations (both formal and informal), private businesses, and political actors in civil society and democratic development in Jordan.

Areas of work
Since 1990, the New Jordan Research Center has initiated a number of important programs focused on the civil society empowerment, human rights, the environment, economy, social and oral history, women’s studies, scientific research, and youth issues. The Center seeks to implement cutting-edge projects in six key areas:
• Civil Society and Human Rights
• Sustainability and the Environment
• Democratic Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
• Youth and Women’s Empowerment
• Arts, Culture, History and Urban Studies
• Social Watch: Inequality, Labor and Immigration


Objective of the Euromed / Middle East programme

The UJRC has worked tirelessly over the past twenty years to respond to increased political openness and opportunities for civil society development, and also to expand the effectiveness and autonomy of civil society organizations and non-state actors in this climate of extraordinary economic turmoil and social and political change. The Center invests its extensive experience and achievements in projects aimed at promoting just, democratic policies, dialogue, human rights, and best practices in civil society.

The need to increase participation of all Jordanians, regardless of gender, age, class, ethnicity and nationality in civic activities is urgently needed now more than ever. Not only does the UJRC seek to strengthen the capacity and transparency of civil society organizations, but it is currently undergoing a structural revitalization, in which the UJRC will become a leading example of a democratic, inclusive and socially-responsible CSO in Jordan. The Center believes that promoting dialogue, consensus and understanding is paramount, and unilaterally rejects violence, extremism and hatred. Through the promotion of awareness campaigns, research, workshops, conferences, and forums for political and social expression, the Center works to accomplish multiple goals. On one level, these activities develop policies and national initiatives that foster democratic transformation and social and economic reform. On another, these activities increase awareness, participation and empowerment of Jordanian citizens. To this end, the Center will work toward the following goals:
• Empowering Civil Society
• Building Efficacy through Dialogue
• Promoting Critical Discussion of Jordan’s Future
• Promoting Research
• Building a Modern, Democratic and Sustainable UJRC

Membership to other networks

- Union Of Jordanian Publishers
- Jordanian Scenarios 2020
- Jordan: Vision 2020
- National Committee Supporting Women in Parliamentary Elections

Arab and Regional:
- Arab Publishers Association
- Arab Network for Democratic Development - ANDD
- Arab Social Sciences Research - ASSR
- Arab institute for Studies and Communication
- Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network - EMHRN
- Network for Euro-Mediterranean Research and Study Centers - EuroMesco Network
- Anna Lindh Foundation - FAL
- Mediterranean Development Forum - MDF
- Civil Society Organizations Network in the Arab World - ACSON
- Arab Freedom of Information Network - AFOINET

- The World Movement for Democracy - WMD
- Network of Democracy Research Institutes

Practical information
Al-Urdun Al-Jadid Research Center 
39 Mecca Street, opp. Dahiet al Hussein, Hourani Complex, 3rd floor,

Amman, Jordan

Phone: + 962 6 5533112/4
Website: www.ujrc-jordan.net
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