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Director: Monika Sie Dhian Ho

EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Peter van Ham

General Statement
The Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael is a knowledge institute for international relations. In a constantly changing global environment, Clingendael acts as a think-tank as well as a diplomatic academy in order to identify and analyze emerging political and social developments for the benefit of government and the general public.
Clingendael seeks to achieve this objective through research, by publishing studies, organising courses and training programmes, and by providing information. The Institute acts in an advisory capacity to the government, parliament and social organisations, holds conferences and seminars, maintains a library and documentation centre, and publishes a Dutch language monthly on international politics as well as a newsletter. Clingendael currently employs some 75 staff, the majority of whom are researchers and training staff.
Clingendael is an institute with an international focus. International political leaders, diplomats, journalists and researchers are frequently invited to give lectures and to take part in conferences and seminars. Visiting scholars from all over the world participate in the Institute’s activities. The Institute provides training courses in European relations and other subjects for diplomats from Central and Eastern Europe, the now independent states of the former Soviet Union, and Southern Africa, and assists in the training of specialists in various countries. Clingendael maintains regular contact with other major research institutes throughout Europe and the United States and, together with similar institutes in Western Europe, prepares studies for the European Commission.

Areas of work
The Clingendael Institute is structured in four programmes: Diplomacy (CDSP) - Europe (CESP) - Security and Conflict (CSCP) - Energy (CIEP), and has the following specific areas of work: Diplomacy & Global Governance, Europe, International Security, International Energy research.

Objective of the Euromed / Middle East programme
Clingendael does not have a Euromed programme, but has researchers dealing with the political, security and religious aspects of the Middle East region. Clingendael is at the center of academic and foreign policy analysis within the Netherlands, closely affiliated with universities, other think tanks and NGOS, as well as governmental departments.

Membership to other networks
- Trans-European Policy Studies Association network - TEPSA
- European Policy Studies Network - EPIN
- Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence - JMC
- Hague Academic Coalition - HAC
- Processes of International Negotiations Programme - PIN
- International Centre for Counter-Terrorism - ICCT
- Network on Peace, Security and Development - PSDNetwork
- Initiative for Peace-building - IFP

Practical information
Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael
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The Hague
Phone: + 31 70 324 53 84
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