PASSIA - Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs



Director and EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Mahdi Abdul Hadi

General Statement
PASSIA seeks to present the Palestinian Ques­tion in its national, Arab and inter­na­tional contexts through academic research, dialogue, documentation and publication, with the aim of imparting an understanding of Pal­es­tinian issues to interested audiences, here and abroad.
PASSIA is not affiliated with any govern­ment, political party or or­ganization, and it maintains a completely independent financial and legal status. All its activities are guided by scholarly objectivity and the desire to provide a forum for the free expres­sion and analysis of a plurality of perspectives.
PASSIA works to achieve its goals through the implementation of the following regular pro­grams: Research and Studies, Roundtable Meetings, Interfaith Dialogue, Training and Edu­cation in Interna­tional Affairs, Train­ing Programs for Civil Society Empowerment, and the Question of Jerusalem. In addition, PASSIA occasionally undertakes special projects. PASSIA is involved with and contributes to a vari­ety of net­works, cooperates with nu­merous re­gional and international institutions and par­ticipates regularly in local, regional and international confer­ences.

Areas of work
PASSIA works on all kind of aspects pertaining to the Palestine Question within its regional and global contexts through research, fora of exchange, publication, education, documentation and training.

Objective of the Euromed / Middle East programme
PASSIA is a founding member of EuroMeSCo and has since contributed to numerous EuroMeSCo workshops and seminar, among other things through research papers and presentations. In January 2000, PASSIA was the official host of the Fourth Annual EuroMeSCo Conference, entitled “Peace and Political Transition in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Area,” which took place in Ramallah.

Membership to other networks
- Arab Partnership for Conflict Prevention and Human Security (Interim Network) - APCPHS
- Palestinian NGO Network - PNGO
- Arab NGOs Network for Development - ANND
- The Arab Social Science Research Network - ASSR

Practical information


Hind Al-Husseini, Alley, 2 Wadi Al-Joz

P.O. Box 19545, Jerusalem / Al-Quds

Phone: +972-2-626-4426

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