IPA - Institute of Public Affairs



President of the Executive Board: Jacek Kucharczyk


EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Agnieszka Lada

General Statement
The Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) is one of the leading Polish think tanks and an independent centre for analysis and research, established in 1995. Through its studies, expert’s opinions and recommendations focusing on key issues of public life, the Institute discharges its mission to serve citizens, the state and the public at large.


IPA’s Mission
• To elevate the quality of Polish and European public debate, to make it merit-oriented and focused on problem-solving and knowledge-building.
• To initiate new topics of public debate and popularise innovative approaches to public issues.
• To develop mechanisms that aim to engage individual citizens and groups of citizens in public debate and other forms of active participation in public life.
• To enhance the quality of public policy in Poland and Europe through initiating legal and institutional changes.
The Institute carries out its activities via five major programmes: European Programme, Social Policy Programme, Civil Society Programme, Migration and Development Policy Programme and Law and Democratic Institutions Programme.

Areas of work
European integration and European foreign policy, rule of law, democratic institutions, democracy support, civil society, migration, social policy.

Objective of the Euromed / Middle East programme
• Conducting research, monitoring, advocacy and formulating recommendations in such fields as: transition to democracy, European Neighbourhood Policy, European integration, migration, rule of law,
• Organising study visits and trainings for experts and journalists from transition countries.

Membership to other networks
- Policy Association for an Open Society - PASOS
- European Partnership for Democracy - EPD
- European Policy Institutes Network - EPIN
- European Civic Forum - ECF
- Network of Democracy Research Institutes - NDRI
- Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership

Practical information

Institute of Public Affairs

ul. Szpitalna 5 lok. 22

00-031 Warszawa, Poland

Phone: +48 22 556 42 61
Website: www.isp.org.pl
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