FPI - Turkish Foreign Policy Institute



President: Seyfi Tashan

EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Sinem Baysal

General Statement
Turkish Foreign Policy Institute is the oldest think tank in Turkey established in 1974. The object of the Institute was to become a center of information exchange between Turkey and interested Institutes abroad on issues relating to Turkish foreign and security policies and major global and regional issues, as well as developing policy suggestion for Turkish foreign policy implementations. All during the Cold War years the Institute’s agenda was crowded with Turkey’s security issues and East-West relations. The Institute’s Director served as a member of the Board of Directors of the East West Security Studies Institute for about ten years as a founding member. The Institute was a member of the bi-annual conferences of East-West European Institutes Directors.

Europe and Turkey’s European vocation became a significant part of the Institute’s joint programs with counterpart Institutes in Germany, Britain and Italy. The Institute also organized the first international think tank conference on Turkey and EC in 1978 and organized and/or attended many national and international conferences on this important foreign policy subject and published books and monograms.
Trans Atlantic security issues were considered highly important by the Institute. European, Mediterranean and Black Sea basins and the Middle East security issues as surrounding regions of Turkey are subjects of study.
The Turkish Foreign Policy Institute became a founding member of the 10 nation Mediterranean Study Commission and also a founding member of EuroMeSCo and has remained an active member of this organization contributing to its work by participating in its research activities as well as organizing or co-organizing many of its conferences and workshops.
The Foreign Policy Institute’s Executive Council includes heads and professors of International Relations departments of several universities in Ankara providing the Institute with access and academic help of these universities and former diplomats who provide close contacts between the Foreign Policy Institute and the Foreign Ministry.
During its close to 40 years of activity, the Institute has published continuously its journal the “Dis Politika-Foreign Policy” in addition to many books, brochures, manuscripts.

Areas of work
• Selectively all issues of concern to the Turkish foreign policy, in particular Turkey-EU relations, developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and in Turkey’s neighbourhood.
• Economics, Human Development particularly in the Mediterranean countries

Objectives of the Euromed/Middle East programme
As a founding member of the EuroMeSCo, the Turkish Foreign Policy Institute has participated in EuroMeSCo research programmes and all other activities and has also hosted several EuroMeSCo workshops and one general assembly. The President of the Institute, Mr. Seyfi Tashan has served as President and Auditor for EuroMeSCo.

While FPI has included many research articles related with the EuroMeSCo field of interest in our bi-annual journal, “Dis Politika-Foreign Policy” in the course of past 40 years, our publications “Turkey’s Neighbourhood” and “Eastern Mediterranean”, as well as the book “Turkey and the European Uniom:2004 and beyond” published in cooperation with the Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies are typical publications.

Membership to other networks
- European International Relations Institutes Directors Conference
- Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy
- Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale - ISPI

Practical information
Turkish Foreign Policy Institute (Dis Politika Enstitusu)
1024 Sokak No:19/1, Dikmen

Ankara, Turkey
Phone: +90312 478 5250
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Website: http://www.foreignpolicy.org.tr




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