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Director: Robin Niblett

EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Claire Spencer

General Statement
The mission of Chatham House is to be a world-leading source of independent analysis, informed debate and influential ideas on how to build a prosperous and secure world for all. Chatham House was founded in 1920 and is based in St James's Square, London.


Chatham House pursues its mission
• by drawing on our membership to promote open as well as confidential debates about significant developments in international affairs and about the context and content of policy responses;
• by producing independent and rigorous analysis of critical global, regional and country-specific challenges;
• by offering new ideas to decision-makers and -shapers on how these could best be tackled from the near to long term.

Areas of work
• Africa
• Americas
• Asia
• Energy, Environment and Development
• Europe
• Global Health Security
• International Economics
• International Law
• International Security
• Middle East and North Africa
• Regional and Security Studies
• Russia and Eurasia

Objectives of the Euromed/Middle East programme
The Middle East and North Africa Programme undertakes high profile research and projects, usually in partnership with relevant institutions and specialists, on political, economic and security issues affecting the Middle East and North Africa.

The activities of the Institute are centred around research, meetings and conferences, as well as publications.
• The Institute has seven major research programmes promoting and contributing to policy debate and analysis. One of these programmes is the Middle East programme including work on security issues relating to the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Initiative and the Middle East Peace Process; institution building in the Palestinian community; socio-political developments in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and the policies and involvement of external powers in the region.
• The Institute’s fee-paying conference unit has gained an unparalleled reputation for staging events which meet the needs of the business community for topical analysis of emerging issues. Conferences are organised by a highly professional in-house team and use world renowned speakers of a consistently high quality. Around 15 international conferences are held each year. Some are annual events such as the conferences on trade and investment opportunities in the Russian oil and gas industries, which draw over 400 delegates; others are one-off events, highly topical, arranged in response to specific world developments and events. Conferences are frequently run in association with other organisations.


• The World Today
• Accessible analysis of current events and an agenda-setting forum on international affairs 
• International Affairs
• The Institute quarterly Journal
• Briefing Papers
• Occasional papers which have the twin aims of presenting informed background commentary on issues of topical interest or current research at Chatham House, and responding at very short notice to significant international events
• Books and papers on different subjects including Africa and the Middle East

Practical information
The Royal Institute of International Affairs
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London SW1Y 4LE
Phone: +44 (0)20 7957 5700
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