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Head of EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Nimrod Goren


General Statement
Mitvim is an independent think tank that envisions a fresh start for Israel among the nations. It aims to reshape Israel’s relations in the Middle East, Europe and the Mediterranean, by promoting new paradigms for Israel’s foreign policies, enhancing Israel’s regional belonging, and advancing Israeli-Arab peace.


Mitvim aims to achieve the following objectives and goals:

A. To promote a paradigm shift in Israel’s foreign policy
1. Introduce a coherent peace-oriented and multilateral foreign policy paradigm
2. Make foreign policy considerations more prominent in Israeli decision-making
3. Transform Israel's inward-looking culture

B. To promote regional-belonging for Israel
1. Enhance knowledge and understanding of regional issues
2. Define Israel’s desired relations with its adjacent regions
3. Advance regional-belonging possibilities

C. To promote Israeli-Arab peace
1. Engage in policy dialogue with Arab and Muslim think-tanks
2. Identify, create and maximize opportunities for peace
3. Provide process-expertise to support peace-making efforts


Areas of work
Mitvim engages in the various phases of the policymaking-cycle and promotes the actual crafting of the regional realities. Mitvim focuses on generating knowledge, articulating ideas, policy planning, advocacy of recommendations, and implementation. It does so by:

A. Creating analytical frameworks, through Monitoring domestic, regional and international developments; Analyzing their policy implications and effects; and Researching theoretical, comparative and long-term issues.

B. Experimenting with policies, through Anticipating future developments using scenario-building; Testing new ideas and their impact using simulations; and Devising proposals for policies, processes and mechanisms.

C. Bringing people together, through Engaging domestic and international actors in participatory processes; Convening workshops, conferences, dialogues and task groups; and Debating desired realities, policy-options, structures and models.

D. Getting the messages across, through Publishing policy papers, research findings and a policy journal; Briefing stakeholders in the political, diplomatic, public and private sectors; and Promoting ideas and policies using networks, campaigns and the media.


Objectives of the Euromed/Middle East programme(s)
The Arab Spring is generally perceived in Israel as a threat to national security. Israel’s official policy towards the Arab Spring reflects these concerns. It aims at maintaining – to the extent possible – the status quo. Israel also refrains from taking initiatives to promote the peace process. This policy increases Israel’s regional isolation and does not enable it to be part of regional processes that are reshaping the Middle East. Mitvim believes that the potential threats that Israel sees in the Arab Spring form only part of a larger and more complex picture, and that recent developments across the Arab world also hold important opportunities for Israel’s regional foreign policies and for its standing in the Arab and Muslim worlds. For this reason, Mitvim, in cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation, has launched in 2011 the “Opportunities in Change” project that sets out to develop a fresh Israeli approach towards the Arab Spring – one that emphasizes opportunities and not only threats, and that aims to advance peace and regional belonging. Mitvim’s added value lies in its being the only progressive foreign-policy think tank in Israel, in its emphasis on promoting peace and regional belonging, in its broad regional outlook which sees Israel as part of a multi-regional environment that includes Europe, the Middle East and the Mediterranean, and its growing access to the Israeli policy-elite and general public, as well as to regional actors.


Publications and activities
Opportunities in Change research and policy papers; publications series on “Impressions from Regional Conferences” and “Israel’s foreign policy challenges”; Participation in regional and international policy conferences; workshops led by international and local experts; lectures and briefings to different groups and stakeholders from Israel and abroad. (See detailed in the attached).


Practical information
Mitvim - The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies
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Ramat Gan 52522, Israel
Phone: +972-52-4733613



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