ISSM - Institute of Studies on Mediterranean Societies




Director: Director Prof. Salvatore Capasso

EuroMeSCo "liaison officer": Eugenia Ferragina


General Statement

The mission of ISSM is to perform research, implement technological transfer and to provide higher forms of education on a number of important socio-economic topics for Mediterranean countries. The main research interests of the ISSM are: Macroeconomic dynamics and local and global socio-economic development; the long-run transformation, the management and use of natural resources; the production activities, technological transfers, and organizational cultures in an historical perspective; commerce, finance and credit in Modern and Contemporary Age; the demographic evolution and migrations inside of the Mediterranean basin; the labour market; public and private institutions in the Modern and Contemporary Age; the politics of cities and local development; the economic cooperation among the countries of the Mediterranean basin. The main aim of ISSM is to foster interdisciplinary research in social sciences and to collect socio-economic indicators concerning Mediterranean countries, support national, regional and local authorities, public institutions, private sector actors, international institutions, civil society organizations.


Areas of work

  • Economic development in the Mediterranean
  • Analysis of the long-run changes in the management and use of natural resources
  • Research on trade, finance and credit
  • Analysis of demographic change and migration in the Mediterranean basin.
  • Role of the institutions in the development process
  • Urban and regional development policies.

Objective of the Euromed / Middle East programme

The main objectives of Euromed/Middle East programme of ISSM are:

  • contributing to the international debate on development and security dimension of Mediterranean challenges;
  • strengthening the ties between research centers and universities of the Euro-Mediterranean countries throughout the implementation of common activities and publications;
  • providing analyses and policy guidelines which may support and promote the Mediterranean integration;


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Practical information

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