News > 3rd Preparatory Meeting: "Strengthening Euro-Mediterranean Relations."
3rd Preparatory Meeting: "Strengthening Euro-Mediterranean Relations."
 The EuroMeSCo Secretariat - in close collaboration with the Cairo-based Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (ACPSS), and with the support of the European Commission - organised the 3rd Preparatory Meeting for the 2008 EuroMeSCo Annual Conference. Having taken place in Sharm El-Sheikh, on 6-7 October 2008, this final Preparatory Meeting explored the theme: "Strengthening Euro-Mediterranean Relations – Emerging Dynamics, Problems and their Potential Implications for the Mashreq".

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The meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh hoped to initiate a fruitful debate on relations between the EU and the countries of the Mashreq, touching on any other significant aspects related to the Euro-Mediterranean Process. Almost thirteen years after 'Barcelona', three years since the 2005 Summit, and three months past the Paris summit that gathered Euro-Mediterranean heads of state and governments, what balance can be made of relations between the two shores of the Mediterranean and the institutional framework that from there emerged? What does the future hold, particularly in view of the newly-created Union for the Mediterranean? How may we stimulate the emergence of a new momentum within the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, in the face of its complex evolutions, while also expressing this dynamic through the various initiatives that currently exist on a regional, sub-regional and national level? These were but some of the questions addressed and clarified during this 3rd Preparatory Meeting, which followed up on (and linked back to) the debates and resulting conclusions of the two previous Preparatory Meetings, held in Tunis and Rome earlier this year.

Participants gather for group photo