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Barcelona Plus: Towards a Euro-Mediterranean Community of Democratic States
On 30th November, in The Hague, Euro-Mediterranean Ministers "agreed that a comprehensive review, prepared by Senior Officials of the Barcelona Process should be submitted to Ministers in Luxembourg for approval; this should provide the basis for decisions on the future of the process. In that respect the two Euro-Mediterranean independent networks of research organisations, EuroMeSCo and FEMISE, were requested to contribute to the review of the Barcelona Process. Other independent actors and non-governmental organisations should also feel free to make their own submissions. These contributions will be the subject of discussion by Senior Officials.”

In view of this decision, EuroMeSCo prepared a report with an assessment of the ten years of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP), as well as a series of recommendations for building Barcelona Plus based on the good practices of the Partnership. In the making of this report a few papers were commissioned:

The Impact of Regional Crises and International Changes on the Barcelona Process, by Gamal A. Soltan
Barcelona Plus Ten. The Political and Security Dimension, by Roberto Aliboni
Human Rights, by Marc Shade-Poulsen
10 Year Euromed Partnership: a JHA Assessment, by Noémia Pizarro
Les implications politico-institutionnelles du volet économique du PEM, by Azzam Mahjoub
Building Barcelona Plus based on the Good Practices of the Partnership, by Erwan Lannon
"Assessing 10 Years of the EMP": Conceptions of the Barcelona Process, by Emily Landau
Civil Society Dialogue and Cooperation, Human Rights, Good Governance and Political Participation - Good Practices, Future Challenges, by Bettina Huber
Barcelona Initiatives, by Luis Martinez
The Good Practices of the Partnership. Building Barcelona Plus. Practical Examples of Political and Security Cooperation, by Mohamed Kadry Said
Participación Política (Political Islam), by Gema Martín Muñoz
Overcoming the Cultural Perceptions Divide, by Gema Martín Muñoz

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