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According to the statutes of the EuroMeSCo network, its regular activities are monitored by the Steering Committee, working under the authority of the General Assembly.
  • The General Assembly, composed of full members of the network, sets the network strategy on an annual basis. Its meetings usually coincide with the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference.
  • The Steering Committee is composed of twelve institutes, in addition to the IEMed, as Academic Secretariat of the network: ACPSS (Egypt), ARI (France), CIDOB (Spain), CERSS (Morocco), CEMI (Tunisia), EPC (Belgium), INESG  (Algeria), IPC (Turkey), ISPI (Italy), Leonard Davis Institute (Israel), Pal-Think for Strategic Studies (Palestine), FIIA (Finland)
  • The  Executive Committee, appointed for two years by the Steering Committee and convened and coordinated by the Academic Secretariat’s Coordinator, works out a detailed programme of activities on the basis of the annual work plan and supports the Coordinator in implementing such programme. Currently, the Executive Committee is composed by ACPSS (Egypt), CEMI (Tunisia), Chatham House (UK), IAI (Italy) and IEMed (Spain).
  • The Academic Secretariat is appointed by the Steering Committee for a two-year period and handles the day-to-day management of the network.  The EuroMeSCo Academic Secretariat is currently in Barcelona, Spain, hosted by IEMed.

See the statutes of the network