Who We Are > Objectives
The objectives of EuroMeSCo are:

- To become a forum for the study and debate of Euro-Mediterranean relations and policies,

- To become an instrument for its members and researchers to facilitate exchanges, joint initiatives and the publication of research activities,

- To consolidate the influence of the network in shaping current debates on Euromed policies,

- To disseminate the research outputs of its members amongst specialists on Euro-Mediterranean relations, research institutes, governments, international organisations and other actors involved in Mediterranean politics.

According to the statutes of the network (Article 3), “the purpose of the EuroMeSCo network, in tune with the spirit of Barcelona, is to undertake and promote the study of those issues pertaining to the relationship between the countries of the European Union and the Mediterranean basin; to submit the corresponding findings to both private and public organisations, both national and multilateral, as well as to disseminate those findings as widely as possible by all appropriate means.