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EuroMeSCo General Assembly and Annual Conference 2013

The EuroMeSCo network held its Annual Conference and General Assembly on 3rd and 4th October 2013 in Paris. The event gathered more than 80 participants from 25 Euro-Mediterranean countries, including policy makers and experts from around 60 institutes and research centres on politics and security in the Mediterranean.

The General Assembly debated the progress made in renewing the membership of the network, keeping a steady flow of publications and research activities and facilitating the exchanges and joint projects among the members of EuroMeSCo. It also approved the Work Plan for 2014 and the Annual Report. Furthermore, the General Assembly welcomed six new members and observers of the network, raising to 99 the total number of research institutes and think tanks in the EuroMeSCo network. The minutes of the meeting will be available soon.

The Annual Conference, “A transforming Arab World: Between Continuity and Change” was co-organised with the European Union Institute for Security Studies. It aimed at analysing what has changed and what has not as a consequence of the recent developments in the Mediterranean, in three perspectives: the state, the region and the society. It also explored the impact of such changes on Euro-Mediterranean relations

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