Future of Syria

Projecting a potential government structure for post-conflict Syria is a cumbersome task after forty years of single-family rule. The fragmentation within the Syrian opposition both inside and outside Syria is manifest. Additionally, post-conflict Syria would have to deal with issues such as national reconciliation, protection of minorities, reform of the security sector and reconstruction and development.


The workshop organised by the Global Political Trends Center on 17 May at the Istanbul Kultur University, Atakoy Campus, aimed to explore possible ideas to address those issues.



The workshop marked the end of a one year research group “Future of Syria”, developed in the framework of EuroMeSCo ENI Project.


Read the Joint Policy Study

In addition, two Policy Briefs have been published in the framework of the group:

Syrian Civil War: Limitations and Preconditions for Effective Multilateralism in an Evermore Conflictual Multipolar World

Written by René Rieger

The UN and Sustainable Peace in Syria – Still Worth Debating

Written by Patrycja Sasnal