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Research Reports 2005-2006
EuroMeSCo is proud to announce the publication of the first series of research reports that were drafted in the framework of its research programme 2005-2006. In the next weeks, EuroMeSCo will gradually publish all other reports in both English and French that were drafted under its research programme.

The following EuroMeSCo reports are newly published and can be downloaded (please note that in order to be able to read these reports, you need to download the latest free-of-charge Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Reader):

E. Landau, F. Ammor (2006):
Regional Security Dialogue and Cooperation in the South: Exploring the Neglected Dimension of Barcelona

S. Senyücel, S. Güner, S. Faath, H. Mattes (2006):
Factors and Perceptions Influencing the ENP's Objectives in Selected Southern Mediterranean Partner Countries

D. Schmid, F. Braizat (2006):
The Adaptation of EU and US Democracy Promotion Programmes to the Local Political Context in Jordan and Palestine and their Relevance to Grand Geopolitical Designs

N. Antar (2006):
The Muslim Brotherhood's Success in the Legislative Elections in Egypt 2005: Reasons and Implications

E. Soler i Lecha, D. Miralles i Solé, Ü. Cizre, V. Aytar (2006):
Drawing Lessons from Turkey's and Spain's Security Sector Reforms for the Mediterranean

D. Pioppi, N. Tocci, K. Karam (2006):
Domestic Politics and Conflict in the Cases of Israel, Palestine and Lebanon

R. Aliboni, M. Salman Tayie, R. Rummel, G. Herolf, Y. Qatarneh (2006):
Ownership and Co-Ownership in Conflict Prevention in the Framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

A. Boubekeur, S. Amghar (2006):
Islamist Parties in the Maghreb and their Links with the EU: Mutual Influences and the Dynamics of Democratisation

G. Aubarell, X. Aragall, M.-A. Adraoui, E. Østergaard, J. Moreras, A. Saaf
Migrant Communities and the Internal and External Dynamics of Integration: the Potential Role of Migrants in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

A. Barahona de Brito (2006):
Political Liberalisation and Transition to Democracy: Lessons from the Mediterranean and Beyond Morocco, Turkey, Spain, and Portugal

L. Martinez (2006):
Algeria, the Arab Maghreb Union and Regional Integration

P. M. Kaczynski, P. Kazmierkiewicz, Ali Telin (2006):
Political Scenarios for the EU and Its Neighbourhood - Views from Selected Southern Mediterranean and Eastern European Countries

D. Schmid, S. Moses, A. Tovias, S. Calleya (2006):
Mapping European and American Economic Initiatives towards Israel and the Palestinian Authority and their Effects on Honest Broker Perceptions