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New Website Feature: Experts Consider Key Current Issues
 EuroMeSCo has introduced an “Interviews” section to its website with an aim to sharing the opinions of experts, from both sides of the Mediterranean, on debates making the headlines. Inaugurating this forum, Dr. Ahmed Driss, Director of the Centre for Mediterranean and International Studies, Tunis, and Dr. Dorothée Schmid, Research Fellow at the Institut français des relations internationales, Paris, reflect on the validity and future of the Mediterranean Union project, as proposed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Other topics of discussion will soon follow.

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The Mediterranean Union is a proposed alliance of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea - an initiative aimed at fostering stability and greater cooperation within the Mediterranean region. Initially suggested by French President Nicolas Sarkozy during his election campaign, it is expected that plans to establish this Union will be further developed during the upcoming 2008 French EU Presidency.

Although still at the drawing-board stage, the initiative has already received strong mixed reactions. An idea supported by many of the Southern European member states, the EU itself and countries such as Germany have expressed their caution, viewing it as potentially undermining the work of the Barcelona Process.