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EuroMeSCo e-News nº 24
 EuroMeSCo’s newsletter n. 24 features an article by Rania Safar, Research Assistant at the EuroMeSCo secretariat, on the recent developments in Lebanon, and within this context, presents two extracts from the interviews held with Salam Kawakibi and Samir El-Khoury regarding the Damascus Arab League Summit, held 29-30 March 2008. A report on EuroMeSCo’s 1st Preparatory Meeting, in the run-up to the 2008 Annual Conference, and which took place in Tunis in April, is also included. Finally, readers are provided with an update of recent Euromed events, along with the results of EuroMeSCo’s last opinion poll on the inclusion of Mauritania and Albania into the EMP. The Turkish FPI is the EuroMeSCo member institute profiled this month.
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