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Paper 83: The Frameworks for Elections in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority and Syria Avr.2009 Mahjoob Zweiri, Michael Meyer-Resende
Paper 82: State and Anti-System Party Interactions in Turkey and Lebanon: Implications for European Policy Mar.2009 Bülent Aras, Jad Chabaan, ֖zge Genç, Ebru Ilhan
Paper 81: Undocumented Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Israel Fév.2009 Bruno Oliveira Martins
Paper 80: Flexible Multilateralism: Unlimited Opportunities? The Case of Civil Protection in the Mediterranean Fév.2009 Niklas Bremberg, Ahmed Driss, Jakob Horst, Eduard Soler i Lecha, Isabelle Werenfels
Paper 79: New Directions of National Immigration Policies: The Development of the External Dimension and its Relationship with the Euro-Mediterranean Process Fév.2009 Gemma Aubarell, Ricard Zapata-Barrero, Xavier Aragall
Paper 78: Tunisia, the Arab Maghreb Union, and Regional Integration Jan.2009 Luis Martinez
Paper 77: Under the Shadow of 'Barcelona': From the EMP to the Union for the Mediterranean Jan.2009 Roberto Aliboni, Fouad M. Ammor
Paper 76: UNIFIL II: Emerging and Evolving European Engagement in Lebanon and the Middle East Jan.2009 Karim Makdisi, Timur Goksel, Hans Bastian Hauck, Stuart Reigeluth
Paper 75: Ceuta and Mellila: Risks and Risk Management Déc.2008 Erzsébet Rózsa, Abdessamad Belhaj
Paper 74: Fragile States and the Democratization Process: A New Approach to Understanding Security in the Middle East Nov.2008 Mahjoob Zweiri, Ali Tekin, Andrew E. Johnson
Paper 73: Pragmatism Rather than Backlash: Moroccan Perceptions of Western Democracy Promotion Nov.2008 Anna Khakee, with Jaber Afoukane, Fouad M. Ammor, Derek Lutterbeck
Paper 72: Towards an Ever Closer Partnership: A Model for a New Euro-Israeli Partnership Oct.2008 Sharon Pardo
Paper 71: The Legal and Political Implications of the Securitisation of Counter-Terrorism Measures across the Mediterranean Sep.2008 Francesca Galli
Paper 70: Political Change in the Mediterranean – Impact on Euro-Mediterranean Relations Sep.2008 Bruno C. Reis
Paper 69: New EU Member States' Policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: the Case of Poland Auo.2008 Lena Kolarska Bobinska, Magdalena Mughrabi
Paper 68: Putting the Mediterranean Union in Perspective Jui.2008 Roberto Aliboni, Ahmed Driss, Tobias Schumacher, Alfred Tovias
Paper 67: Morocco, the Arab Maghreb Union, and Regional Integration Mai.2008 Luis Martinez
Paper 66: Fostering an EU Strategy for Security Sector Reform in the Mediterranean: Learning from Turkish and Palestinian Police Reform Experiences Jan.2008 Gemma Collantes Celador, Eduard Soler i Lecha, Stuart Reigeluth, Volkan Aytar, Mehmet Arican
Paper 65: Domestic Change and Conflict in the Mediterranean: The Cases of Hamas and Hezbollah Jan.2008 Amr Elshobaki, Khaled Hroub, Daniela Pioppi, Nathalie Tocci
Paper 64: Conflict Prevention in the EMP Jan.2008 Roberto Aliboni, Yasar Qatarneh
Paper 63: Political Integration of Islamist Movements Through Democratic Elections: The Case of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Hamas in Palestine Sep.2007 Amel Lamnaouer, Atef Abu Saif
Paper 62: Youth as Actors of Political Reform in the Southern Mediterranean Sep.2007 Jamil Mouawad
Paper 61: Mapping European and American Economic Initiatives towards Israel and the Palestinian Authority and their Effects on Honest Broker Perceptions Oct.2006 Dorothée Schmid, Shai Moses, Alfred Tovias, Stephen Calleya
Paper 60: Political Scenarios for the EU and Its Neighbourhood - Views from Selected Southern Mediterranean and Eastern European Countries Oct.2006 Piotr Macieij Kaczynski, Piotr Kazmierkiewicz, Ali Tekin
Paper 59: Algeria, The Arab Maghreb Union and Regional Integration Oct.2006 Luis Martinez
Paper 58: Political Liberalisation and Transition to Democracy: Lessons from the Mediterranean and Beyond: Morocco, Turkey, Spain and Portugal Oct.2006 Alexandra Barahona de Brito
Paper 57: The Cartoons Crisis and Reactions in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Oct.2006 Alain Blomart (rapporteur)
Paper 56: Migrant Communities and the Internal and External Dynamics of Integration: The Potential Role of Migrants in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Oct.2006 Gemma Aubarell, Xavier Aragall, Mohammed-Ali Adraoui, Eva O˜stergaard, Jordi Moreras, Abdelhak Saaf
Paper 55: Islamist Parties in the Maghreb and their Links with the EU: Mutual Influences and the Dynamics of Democratisation Oct.2006 Amel Boubekeur, Samir Amghar
Paper 54: Ownership and Co-Ownership in Conflict Prevention in the Framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Oct.2006 Roberto Aliboni, Mohamed Salman Tayie, Reinhardt Rummel, Gunilla Herolf, Yasar Qatarneh
Paper 53: Domestic Politics and Conflict in the Cases of Israel, Palestine and Lebanon Oct.2006 Daniela Pioppi, Nathalie Tocci, Karam Karam
Paper 52: Drawing Lessons From Turkey's and Spain's Security Sector Reforms for the Mediterranean Oct.2006 Eduard Soler i Lecha, Debora Miralles, ܜmit Cizre, Volkan Aytar
Paper 51: The Muslim Brotherhood's Success in the Legislative Elections in Egypt 2005: Reasons and Implications Oct.2006 Noha Antar
Paper 50: The Adaptation of EU and US Democracy Promotion Programmes to the Local Political Context in Jordan and Palestine and their Relevance to Grand Geopolitical Designs Oct.2006 Dorothée Schmid, Fares Braizat
Paper 49: Factors and Perceptions Influencing the Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in Selected Southern Mediterranean Partner Countries Oct.2006 Sabiha Senyücel, Sanem Güner, Sigrid Faath, Hanspeter Mattes
Paper 48: Regional Security Dialogue and Cooperation in the South Oct.2006 Emily B. Landau, Fouad Ammor
Paper 47: Immigration and the Euro-Mediterranean Area: Keys to Policy and Trends Sep.2005 Gemma Aubarell, Xavier Aragall
Paper 46: The Future of the EMP in a Changing Context of Transatlantic and Regional Relations Sep.2005 Roberto Aliboni, Yasar Qatarneh
Paper 45: The Agadir Agreement and Open Regionalism Sep.2005 Steffen Wippel
Paper 44: European Neighbourhood Policy: Differentiation and Political Benchmarks Sep.2005 Piotr Maciej Kaczynski, Piotr Kazmierkiewicz
Paper 43: Democratisation in Turkey: A Regional Model or a Unique Case in the Mediterranean? Sep.2005 Çigdem Nas
Paper 42: National Attitudes of New EU Member States towards the EMP: The Case of Hungary Sep.2005 Erzsébet N. Rózsa
Paper 41 : La parlementarisation de l'islam politique : la dynamique des modérés Sep.2005 Jean-Noël Ferrié
Paper 40: Regional Crises and Europe: How the Middle East Conflict and Iraq War Affect the EMP Jan.2005 Isabel Schäfer, Ferhad Ibrahim
Paper 39: Governance, Civil Society and Security in the EMP: Lessons for a More Effective Partnership Déc.2004 Bettina Huber
Paper 38: The Impact of Eastern Enlargement on the Barcelona Process Nov.2004 Madalena Resende
Paper 37: The Partnership in Southern Eyes: Reflections on the Discourse in the Egyptian Press Oct.2004 Hanaa Ebeid
Paper 36: Les institutions européennes dans le fonctionnement du PEM : de la répartition des compétences à la gestion dynamique du quotidien Oct.2004 Dorothée Schmid
Paper 35: The Sahara Conflict: Bilateralism or Sub-Regionalism? Sep.2004 Richard Gillespie
Paper 34: Civil Protection as a Euro-Mediterranean Project: the Case for Practical Co-operation Auo.2004 Pedro Courela
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