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EuroMeSCo Papers
Titre de l'article Date Auteur
EuroMeSCo Paper 35: Militia Institutionalisation and Security Sector Reform in Libya Jui.2017 Ziad Akl
EuroMeSCo Paper 34: Building Partnerships in Challenging Times: The Defence Arrangements of Tunisia Mai.2017 Gergely Varga
EuroMeSCo Paper 33: The European Union and the External Dimension of Security: Supporting Tunisia as a Model in Counter-Terrorism Cooperation Avr.2017 Stefano M. Torelli
EuroMeSCo Paper 32: The ENP between Ambitions and Delusions: Analysing Europe’s Misconceptions in Supporting Democratisation in Egypt Nov.2016 Nadine Abdalla
EuroMeSCo Paper 31: Geopolitics, Gas and Grand Ambitions: The Outlook for Petroleum Production in the East Mediterranean Nov.2016 Diána Szoke
EuroMeSCo Paper 30: Counter-Terrorism Policies in Egypt: Effectiveness and Challenges Oct.2016 Eman Ragab
EuroMeSCo Paper 29: Reality Check: Why the EU Needs to Rethink its Neighbourhood Policy Sep.2016 Cengiz Gunay
EuroMeSCo Paper 28: Mapping out the Scope and Contents of the DCFTAs with Tunisia and Morocco. By Guillaume Van der Loo Mar.2016 Guillaume Van der Loo
EuroMeSCo Paper 27: The EU and Conflict Resolution in the Mediterranean Neighbourhood: Tackling New Realities through Old Means? By Silvia Colombo and Daniela Huber Mar.2016 Silvia Colombo, Daniela Huber
EuroMeSCo Paper 26: The State of Arab Statehood. Reflections on Failure, Resilience and Collapse. By Wolfgang Mühlberger Oct.2015 Wolfgang Muhlberger
EuroMeSCo Paper 25: The Tunisian Transition: Torn Between Democratic Consolidation and Neo-Conservatism in an Insecure Regional Context Juil.2015 Isabel Schafer
EuroMeSCo Paper 24: Les transformations géopolitiques dans la région MENA : Les dynamiques structurantes Juil.2015 Fouad M.Ammor
EuroMeSCo Paper 23: From Policies to Politics: The European Union as an International Mediator in the Mediterranean Fév.2015 Pol Morillas
EuroMeSCo Paper 22: Winning to Lose: The State´s Unsustainable Counterrevolutionary Comeback in Egypt Sep.2014 Ibrahim El Houdaiby
EuroMeSCo Paper 21: Société civile au Maroc. Le grand malentendu. Jui.2014 Mohamed El Hachimi
EuroMeSCo Paper 20: Demands of the Egyptian Revolution and the Newly-Emerging Actors Fév.2014 Mohamed El-Agati
EuroMeSCo Paper 19: Geo-Strategic Consequences of the Arab Spring Jui.2013 Erzsébet Rózsa
EuroMeSCo Paper 18: The End of the (Southern) Neighbourhood Avr.2013 Kristina Kausch
EuroMeSCo Paper 17: The European Union and the Arab World: from the Rome Treaty to the Arab Spring Mar.2013 Bichara Khader
EuroMeSCo Paper 16: EU Conditionality after the Arab Spring Jui.2012 Rosa Balfour
EuroMeSCo Paper 15: L'Union européenne et la nouvelle donne géopolitique en Méditerranée Avr.2012 Erwan Lannon
EuroMeSCo Paper 14 : Turkey and the Arab Spring: Embracing "People's Power" Avr.2012 Gallia Lindenstrauss
EuroMeSCo Paper 13 : The Middle East in Transition: clues from Poland Avr.2012 Patrycja Sasnal
EuroMeSCo Paper 12 : The Spanish Transition and the Arab Spring Mar.2012 Antoni Segura
EuroMeSCo Paper 11: Le Maroc et le printemps arabe dans un monde en plein changement Mar.2012 Bernabé López García
EuroMeSCo Paper 10: The Political Economy of Arab Uprisings Mar.2012 Nadine Sika
EuroMeSCo Paper 9: Talking About the Revolution: Narratives on the Origin and Future of the Arab Spring Fév.2012 Timo Behr
EuroMeSCo Paper 8: La Mise en Place et la Crise du Système Autoritaire dans le Monde Arabe Déc.2011 Bichara Khader
EuroMeSCo Paper 7: The Future of Euro-Mediterranean Regional Cooperation: The Role of the Union for the Mediterranean Nov.2011 Rym Ayadi, Salim Gadi
EuroMeSCo Paper 6: Adjusting to External Norms and Standards of the “West”: The Case of Israel Oct.2011 Alfred Tovias
EuroMeSCo Paper 5: The Mediterranean Solar Plan through the Prism of External Governance Jui.2011 Luigi Carafa
EuroMeSCo Paper 4:New Turkish Foreign Policy towards the Middle East: Neither so New, Nor so Turkish Jui.2011 Ana Almuedo
EuroMeSCo Paper 3: What next in Turkish-Israeli Relations? Jui.2011 Lucia Najslová, Gershon Baskin
EuroMeSCo Paper 2: Sub-Regionalism in North Africa and the Middle East: Lesson Learned and New Opportunities Jui.2011 Adrià Albareda, Oriol Barba
EuroMeSCo Paper 1: Une conditionnalité dépourvue d'effectivité: clause démocratique et gestion des risques dans les relations Euromed Jui.2011 Abderrahim El Maslouhi