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EuroMeSCo policy briefs are opinion articles that seek to foster and enrich debate on current Euro-Mediterranean politics. They address topical issues on politics and security in both shores of the Mediterranean and are simultaneously published in the websites of EuroMeSCo and the Observatory of Euro-Mediterranean Policies of the IEMed.


Titre de l'article Date Auteur
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 74: Montenegro at a Crossroads Jui.2017 Tonči Tadić, Igor Tabak
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 73: Arab Mediterranean Youth Migration. Who Wants to Leave, and Why? Mar.2017 Elena Sánchez-Montijano, Marina Girona-Raventós
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 72: Fragility in Tunisia: a Test Case for Integrated Security and Development Assistance Mar.2017 Giovanni Faleg
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 71:Syrian Civil War: Limitations and Preconditions for Effective Multilateralism in an Evermore Conflictual Multipolar World Fév.2017 René Rieger
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 70: Security Challenges in the Maghreb: The Nexus between Bad Governance and Violent Extremism Fév.2017 Yahia H.Zoubir
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 69: Gender Inequality and Integration of Non-EU Migrants in the EU Fév.2017 Mikkel Barslund, Anna Di Bartolomeo, Lars Ludolph
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 68: Pourquoi la Tunisie produit-elle autant de jihadistes ? Jan.2017 Jean-François Daguzan
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 67:The UN and Sustainable Peace in Syria – Still Worth Debating Nov.2016 Patrycja Sasnal
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 66:Libyan Political Economy: Political Conflict, Crisis Management and Structural Reform Oct.2016 Ziad Akl
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 65: The Trust Fund for Africa: A Preliminary Assessment Sep.2016 Roderick Pace
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 64: This is (Not) Rocket Science: Using Space-Based Solutions for More Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Jordan Sep.2016 Mikolaj Janowski, Karolina Jaworska, Krzysztof Kanawka, Michal Moroz, Agnieszka Rybaczyk, Katarzyna Sidlo
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 63: Countering Violent Extremism in the MENA Region: Time to Rethink Approaches and Strategies. By Moussa Bourekba Mai.2016 Moussa Bourekba
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 62: The Migration Crisis: Issue or Opportunity? By Anna Di Bartolomeo Avr.2016 Anna Di Bartolomeo
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 61: How Can the EU Border be Better Managed? By Xavier Aragall Avr.2016 Xavier Aragall
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 60: Facilitating a Political Transition in Syria. By Omar Sheira Mar.2016 Omar Sheira
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 59:Turkey and the EU: A New Path Toward a Shared Security Policy. By Matteo Colombo Mar.2016 Matteo Colombo
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 58:Reconceptualising Sustainable Responses to the Refugee Crisis. By Timothy G.Hammond Fév.2016 Timothy G.Hammond
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 57:How Could Egypt and Tunisia Reverse the Growth of Islamist Violent Radicalisation? By Georges Fahmi Fév.2016 Georges Fahmi
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 56: From Activism to Artivism: New Forms of Youth Activism in the Aftermath of 20 February Movement. By Mohamed ElHachimi Jan.2016 Mohamed ElHachimi
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 55: In Search of a New Balance between Agricultural Trade and Development in the Euro-Mediterranean. By Marko Lovec Nov.2015 Marko Lovec
Brief 54: What Are the Prospects for Success of the Peace Talks on Syria? Jan.2014 Tiziana Trotta
Brief 53: The European Global Strategy and the Mediterranean Jui.2013 Roberto Aliboni
Brief 52: L'Union pour la Méditerranée: Un Cadre Approprié pour une Ambition Mesurée Fév.2013 Lotfi Boumghar
Brief 51: Walking a Thin Line: The Role of Think Tanks in Arab Transitions and Foreign Support Fév.2013 Pol Morillas
Brief 50: Ceasefire agreements will not work: activation of the peace process is the solution Nov.2012 Omar Shaban
Brief 49: The advent of 'Islamic' democracy in MENA Sep.2012 Khalil al-Anani
Brief 48: Elections in Libya Juil.2012 George Joffé
Brief 43 and 45: The Security Sector reform after the Arab Spring Juil.2012 Fred Tanner, Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou, Salam Kawakibi
Brief 47: China and the "Arab Spring": a new player in the Middle East? Juil.2012 Ahmed Kandil
Brief 46: Egypt's Presidential elections: moving beyond authoritarianism? Juil.2012 Andrea Teti and Gennaro Gervasio
Brief 44: L'initiative "5+5" face au nouveau contexte en Méditerranée occidentale Jui.2012 Jean-François Coustillière
Brief 42: Is an Islamist Democracy emerging in North Africa? Its contours and objectives, a view from the North Jui.2012 Peter Seeberg
Brief 40 and 41: Civil Society, its potential role in the new Mediterranean: which EU policies? Mai.2012 Annette Jünemann and Mohamed Elagati
Brief 38 and 39: The EU and the Arab Spring, One Year After Avr.2012 Hanaa Ebeid, Pol Morillas and Eduard Soler i Lecha
Brief 37: Lebanon in the midst of the "Arad Spring" : plus ça marche... Mar.2012 Benedetta Berti
Brief 36: Lebanon: Current Domestic and Regional Situation and Outlook Fév.2012 Riad Kahwaji
Brief 35: Législatives Égyptiennes (2011-2012): Des Élections Pas Comme les Autres Fév.2012 Chérine Chams El-Dine
Brief 34: Egypt's Foreign Policy: Post-Western and Pan-Islamic Fév.2012 Patrycja Sasnal
Brief 33: The Arab Uprisings and the New Geopolitics of the Middle East Fév.2012 Helle Malmvig
Brief 32: Egypt After Parliamentary Elections: Policy Recommendations for Domestic and External Actors Fév.2012 Nadine Abdalla
Brief 31: Egypt's Elections: Ballots vs. Bullets Jan.2012 Robert Springborg
Brief 30: Dix Mois Qui Font Trembler la Syrie Jan.2012 Salam Kawakibi
Brief 29: Morocco’s November 2011 Elections: Enough to Ensure a Political Transition? Déc.2011 Claire Spencer
Brief 28: Le Maroc: Entre l'Islamisme et la Monarchie Parlementaire Déc.2011 Rachid Tlemçani
Brief 27: Elections Législatives au Maroc: Enjeux, Défis et Perspectives Déc.2011 Mansouria Mokhefi
Brief 26: Morocco's Uncertain Transition Déc.2011 Silvia Colombo
Brief 25: L'Algérie: Un Calme Trompeur? Nov.2011 Luis Martinez
Brief 24: The Libyan Revolution: Outcome and Perspectives - The Social Context Nov.2011 Erzsébet N. Rózsa
Brief 23: The Libyan Revolution: Outcome and Perspectives Nov.2011 George Joffé
Brief 22: Syria's New Political Player Nov.2011 Wael Sawah
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