Dialogue Workshop “The Threat of Terrorist Groups in the Euro-Mediterranean” Cairo, 5 November 2015

Around 20 participants, including the EuroMeSCo researchers and the practitioners attended a workshop "The Threat of Terrorist Groups in the Euro-Mediterranean" organised by the Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategies Studies on 5th November in Cairo, in the framework of the EuroMeSCo project.

EuroMeSCo analyses the current state of the Euro-Mediterranean relations

Regional challenges in the Mediterranean call for regional solutions and more cooperation between countries is needed. This was of the conclusions of the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference, held on 8th and 9th October 2015 in Milan. The event was organised in partnership with the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI). Over 100 participants analysed the relations between the EU and the Southern Mediterranean partner countries in the changing geopolitical order.

EuroMeSCo Paper 26: The State of Arab Statehood. Reflections on Failure, Resilience and Collapse

This paper, written by Wolfgang Muhlberger, develops the idea that state failure triggered the upheaval known as the Arab Spring. The increasing number of Arab states on the brink of collapse and the rising phenomenon of fragmented central state authority invite to revisit – and relaunch – the ‘Arab state debate’. To this end the author analyses Arab state structures to better understand their intrinsic characteristics, the dominant type of state-society relationships, and the potential of the Arab state system for reform. Authoritarian regimes thrive on patrimonial power structures, criminalising instead of modernising states in the worst case. Widely used informal strategies, such as co-optation, additionally hollow out formal state structures and undermine their legitimacy. These marginal states are ripe for contestation and risk tipping from failure into collapse.


Read the paper here.

EuroMeSCo network welcomes new Members

The 2015 General Assembly, held in Milan on 8-9 October, saw the entry into the network of four new institutes. EuroMeSCo would like to welcome its new members: Centre for Social and Economic Research – CASE, Poland; CEI International Affairs, Spain; German Development Institute – DIE, Germany; and German Marshall Fund – GMF, Belgium. This meeting of all EuroMeSCo network members also approved the upgrade of Regional Center for Strategic Studies - RCSS, Egypt and Arab Reform Initiative - ARI, France from observer to full member status.

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