Euromesco Annual Conference 2011 Report

The political processes that have emerged as a consequence of the Arab Spring have generated a wide range of possible scenarios. Some countries will consolidate their democratisation processes and others might suffer a return to ancient authoritarian political systems. Either way, protesters throughout the region have shown a strong will to put an end to the Arab exceptionalism.

This EuroMeSCo report reviews the debates held in the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference 2011 “A New Mediterranean Political Landscape? The Arab Spring and Euro-Mediterranean Relations”, held in Barcelona on 6-7 October 2011. 


New Brief : The Arab Spring. Is Algeria the Exception?

Yahia H. Zoubir, Director of Research in Geopolitics at EUROMED MANAGEMENT (Marseille), says that "the question remains whether the regime [in Algeria] is genuinely seeking to bring about tangible structural reforms and initiate an authentic transition to democracy." See full text in pdf

Palestine at the United Nations

Ahead of the bid for recognition that Palestine will present to the United Nations next week, EuroMeSCo is publishing four Briefs on the issue by Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Muriel Asseburg, Pol Morillas, Meliha Benli Altunisik and Shlomo Brom.

New series of EuroMeSCo Papers

coverEuroMeSCo and IEMed launched in October 2010 the first Euro-Med Call for Papers, whose objective was the preparation and development of research papers with the goal of contributing to a greater understanding of the Euro-Mediterranean reality in its distinct political, socio-economic and cultural aspects, and providing proposals to improve it. The Call for Papers was open to experts and researchers linked to research, study and analysis centres and institutes focusing on the Mediterranean reality, members of the EuroMeSCo network.

IEMed and EuroMeSCo are now publishing the documents accepted by the Jury of the Call for Papers. The evolution and influence of Turkish foreign policy, regional processes in the Mediterranean, the Mediterranean Solar Plan or the significance of democracy in relations between the EU and southern and eastern Mediterranean countries are the subjects examined in the first five issues of the collection “PapersIEMed”.

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