New EuroMeSCo policy brief on the European Neighbourhood Policy

The policy brief "The Review of the European Neighbourhood Policy: How to Make it Work for the Arab Mediterranean?" written by Rym Ayadi and Salim Gadi reviews the Commission's proposals to support free trade and democratisation outlined in its May 2011 Communication and provides recommendations to dynamise the EU's actions in these areas.

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New EuroMeSCo report: "Euromed+15. New paths of cooperation across the Mediterranean"
On the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of the Barcelona Declaration, the EuroMeSCo Network and the IEMed jointly organized the 2010 Annual EuroMeSCo Conference, in which distinguished experts and practitioners were convened to debate the future of Euro-Mediterranean politics in the light of the on-going institutional changes within the European Union and the new geopolitical context. This new EuroMeSCo report contains the edited speeches delivered at the conference.



New EuroMeSCo policy brief
A new policy brief on the European policies towards the Arab World written by Isabel Schäfer has just been published.

"Non seulement les sociétés du monde arabe vivent des moments historiques de leur histoire contemporaine mais, en outre, les relations internationales se trouvent à un point de césure. Ce point tournant est d’une aussi grande importance que la fin du monde bipolaire déclenché par la chute du mur de Berlin, ou bien que les événements du 11 septembre 2001."

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EuroMeSCo policy briefs
A new policy brief on the European Union and the Arab Spring written by Nathalie Tocci has just been published.

"When the dust of the Arab revolts settles, how should EU policy towards the southern Mediterranean be reframed? The lion’s share of the thinking around this question has been devoted to one of the two pillars of the EU’s Mediterranean policies: the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). Whereas the ENP deals with the bilateral dimension of the EU’s Mediterranean policy, that is, the EU’s hub-and-spoke relations with individual southern Mediterranean countries, the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), building on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP), provides the broader multilateral framework of such relations. The Arab spring has led, so far, to a rethink of the former rather than the latter."

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