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An ENP of Reviews? What role for the EU in a shifting neighbourhood?

30 November, Budapest

The seminar, gathering participants from both shores of the Mediterranean, will analyse the development of the European Neighbourhood Policy and the hindrances to its implementation. In the light of growing global challenges, including unsolved conflicts in Europe and Middle East, radicalism, as well as socio-economic instability, it will try to draw up scenarios for the adjustment of the ENP and EU role.


The seminar is organised by the Center for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with EuroMeSCo and IEMed.

New Euro-Mediterranean Dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean

25 participants, including the EuroMeSCo researchers, experts and academics attended a workshop "New Euro-Mediterranean Dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean", organised by MIVTIM in cooperation with ELIAMEP on 10 November in Athens. The workshop was hosted by the Representation of the European Commission in Greece.


Minorities in the MENA region

On 1 November the EuroMeSCo workshop on minorities in the MENA region took place at the Issam Fares Institute in Beirut. The meeting gathered researchers from the network and academics.


Sahel and Security in the Mediterranean

On 26 October in Beirut, researchers from the EuroMeSCo network and other experts gathered to discuss the main challenges affecting the Sahel region and the stability of the Mediterranean region.


From Democratic Transition to Democracy Learning: Towards a Paradigmatic Turn in Democratisation Studies

On 28-30 September in Rabat the Center for Studies and Research in Social Sciences (CERSS), with support of EuroMeSCo and the IEMed, organised a seminar on democratic transitions in the Middle East and North Africa region.

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