EuroMeSCo discusses minority issues in the MENA region

On 1 November the EuroMeSCo workshop on minorities in the MENA region took place at the Issam Fares Institute in Beirut. The meeting gathered researchers from the network and academics.


Security in the Sahel under EuroMeSCo scrutiny

On 26 October in Beirut, researchers from the EuroMeSCo network and other experts gathered to discuss the main challenges affecting the Sahel region and the stability of the Mediterranean region.

EuroMeSCo Conference "Confronting Violent Extremism in the Euro-Mediterranean"

The EuroMeSCo Annual Conference “Confronting Violent Extremism in the Euro-Mediterranean” took place on 1-2 June in Barcelona. The event gathered over 150 researchers and practitioners from 22 countries to discuss violent extremism in the Euro-Mediterranean region, its manifestations, drivers, impact and what responses could be developed to confront it.

EuroMeSCo contributes to debates on countering violent extremism

EuroMeSCo Statement_CVEThe EuroMeSCo Annual Conference, held on 1-2 June in Barcelona, aimed at contributing to debates and reflections on countering violent extremism in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The main ideas that came out from the debates have been gathered in a short document. The conclusions from the conference will be widely disseminated among policy makers and practitioners across the region as a policy-oriented contribution of the EuroMeSCo network to policies and initiatives to prevent and address violent extremism.


Read the EuroMeSCo statement


I EuroMeSCo Youth Forum Youth to Youth: How to Tackle Radicalisation of Young People?

I EuroMeSCo Forum, bringing together over 30 young researchers and practictioners, was held on 31 May in the framework of the Annual Conference.